Online Billing

Update: Online Bill Pay for Employers
The Pension Boards is now offering UCC employers the ability to pay for their employees’  retirement and health benefits online. 
If you pay online, you will be able to do so using e-check or credit card, and will be able to see the breakdown of your bill. Each employee will be listed, along with the benefit selections and invoice amounts.  For now you will still need to enroll and modify employee coverage's via paper and phone. Payments made by credit card or e-check are processed by our trusted partner, BluePay®. Note: Credit card payments typically take 1-3 business days to clear. E-check payments typically take 3-5 days to clear. 

Paying online ensures your benefit payment and plan contributions arrive on time and eliminates the risks associated with paper checks. 

As part of our modernization and "Go Green" efforts, PBUCC will be eliminating paper invoicing and paper check payment in the near future for all but extreme hardship cases. 

Our Quick Start guide to online billing may be found here   Quick Start Guide 

BluePay® is a First Data company.

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