Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the PBUCC Employer Portal?

A.  The PBUCC employer Portal allows you the employer to view your monthly bill and pay online using a credit card or e-check.

Q.   What is an ACH transaction?

A.   ACH, the acronym for “Automated Clearing House,” is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States used by banks, financial institutions and tens of thousands of businesses. ACH Payments are processed using a customer’s bank account information to deduct funds directly from a checking or savings account to pay for goods or services. It is a popular and efficient alternative to traditional credit card or paper check processing.

Q. What are the benefits of paying via ACH transaction, credit card, or e-check?

A.   Paying bills electronically eliminates the need to write checks, trips to the post office, buying stamps, and the possibility of a lost or stolen check. With online payment, payments are posted instantly, so you can be sure there is no interruption in benefit coverage. It’s fast, reliable, convenient, and most importantly, secure.

Q. I attempted to pay online but my transaction was declined why did this happen?
A.   Several of our employers have reported that their online payments have been declined.  Having your payment declined is usually due to one of the following: 

For e-Check - Insufficient funds in your account or entering an incorrect account number or other banking information - please check with your financial institution.
With Credit Card - Entering the wrong CC number, expiration or security code, entering a name or address information such as Zip code not exactly as it appears on your credit card account statement.
Please check your entries carefully before clicking to submit your payment.

Q. How can I sign up for the portal?
A.   Simply go to  You will need your employer 5 digit ID number and the email account we have on file for your org.  If you are a new user and the site does not allow you to register the most likely problem is you are using an email address which is not on file with us.  

Q.   Is the online billing easy to use?
A.   While the portal is very easy to use, we strongly recommend you read the user guide posted on the site.

Q. How do I pay our bill if we do not elect use of online billing?
A.  The Pension Boards will be transitioning to online payment only in the very near future however if you do not have access to a computer please contact Member Services to arrange continued payment by paper check. 
Q. Does PBUCC retain my banking or credit card information?
A.   If you pay your invoice online transactions are handled by BluePay, a major Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant credit card processor. Because all financial transactions are handled by our trusted partners, PBUCC does not handle, see, know or retain your banking or credit card information.

Q. When are bills generated

A.    Bills are generated at the beginning of each month and include any amounts due for the current month plus any overdue payments.

Q.   What is an “employee transaction”?
A.   Employee transactions are any changes to an employee’s information such as address, phone, dependents, salary or hourly wage, benefit coverages, or contribution rate that you as the employer approve. These transactions were previously done via paper forms and letters.

Q. Who can I contact, if I have more questions?
A.  Please call Member Services at 1.800.642.6543.