General Billing Guidelines

If you have one or more employees there are three billing options:

ACH Billing

The first requires participation in ACH payments. ACH or Automated Clearing House payments are also known as “direct payments”. ACH payments are a way to transfer money from one bank account to another without using paper checks, credit cards, wire transfers, or cash. The second option, referred to as Non-ACH, requires you - the employer - to log in to our portal and enter e-check or credit card information for each monthly payment. This section of the web site describes the ACH portal.   
As a consumer, it’s likely you’re already familiar with ACH payments, even though you might not know the term. If you pay your bills electronically (instead of writing a check or entering a credit card number) or if you receive direct payroll deposit from your employer, the ACH network is most likely at work. Because they’re electronic, ACH payments are faster and more reliable than checks, thereby helping to automate and streamline accounting for all concerned.

If you participate using the ACH option, you will also have access to the online employee Benefit Management Portal (at no cost) powered by BeneTrac®, the leading provider of employee benefit management software. The management portal will allow you as the employer to enroll new employees, make benefit changes to existing employees (such as adding a dependent), make salary/wage adjustments, and control annuity contributions and participation in medical, dental, vision and disability programs. No longer will you experience the delays and potential errors associated with paper forms and, more importantly, your annuity contributions go to work for you and your member employees almost immediately.

The BeneTrac portal also may be used to produce a number of useful reports that help you, the employer, manage your staff participation in the PBUCC annuity and benefit plans.

Non-ACH Billing

This option is for employers that, for some reason, cannot utilize ACH payment. Employers will be able to log in to the PBUCC Employer site and view their participating employees, the contributions and premiums due for each, and pay using an electronic check or credit card.

ACH & Non-ACH Common Features

Email Alerts. Each month, every participating employer in either Option One or Two will receive an email alerting them that a payment is due. The employer simply logs into the portal and if the bill is correct clicks the Pay Now button and the payment is processed when using Option One, since ACH is an automated process. Employers using Option Two (e-check or credit card) will log in to the payment portal each month, review the bill, then enter the e-check or credit card information to initiate payment.

View Bill. Both Options allow the employer to view each employee on the current bill. Annuity contribution and benefit plan election and premiums are listed for each employee of record.

Reduce Risk. Both Options eliminate the delays and risks associated with paper bills and paper check payments.

Pay by Mail

To ensure the Pension Boards has the proper information and payments are applied quickly and correctly, please follow the instructions below:
  • When making a payment, please make your check out for the exact amount shown on the current invoice in the Amount Due box.  If you have an issue with the amount shown on the bill, please call 1.800.642.6543 and follow the prompts.
  • Please do not send a different amount without first contacting the Pension Boards. Sending an incorrect amount will only delay application of funds to your employee's accounts and could result in loss of benefits and investment interest.
  • Please detach the payment stub at the dashed line, about one-third of the way down the page, and attach it to your check.
  • Please do not write on the payment stub, except for the amount of your check in the Amount Enclosed box.
  • The grayed portion of the bill just below the dashed line is the statement summary section, which shows the total charges.
  • Please make checks payable to: The Pension Boards-United Church of Christ
  • Please mail your check and payment stub to our lockbox at:
The Pension Boards-UCC
75 Remittance Drive Suite 1592
Chicago, IL 60675-1592